Yoorala St Community Garden is located in The Gap, Brisbane and is open to all who wish to get involved and join our community.

What We Do

This is an organic garden – no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides are used on site.  The garden is made up of “communal areas”, which are developed and maintained by all members.

The communal areas are the fruit orchard; herb and flower beds; vegetable gardens and native plantings around the perimeter.  Produce from the communal areas is harvested (only) at working bees and shared among all those present.

Members & Plots

Members are encouraged to attend regular working bees, held every Sunday.
Cooler Months: April to October between 8.00 – 10 am and in the hotter months November to March from 4 – 6 pm.

No previous gardening experience is required. Membership is open to all abilities and age groups. A children’s sand pit and shaded area is available. Raised garden-beds are available to members with accessibility needs; as well as some access-friendly areas and paths.

The garden has 31 plots which can be rented by financial members.

Plot holders are responsible for providing all the materials and plants for their plot. They can work their plot any time and the produce is theirs, although sharing and swapping is encouraged!

Membership Fees

Membership Fees

  • Single:  $25 p.a.
  • Family: $35 p.a.
  • Regular $144
  • Concession Plot Fee for Pension Card Holders $120
How To Join

Garden membership is open to everyone; you don’t need to be an experienced gardener.

Community gardening is suitable for all ages, and all abilities. We have some ‘access friendly’ areas and paths in the garden and raised garden-beds are available to members with accessibility needs.

If you would like to find out more, or get your hands dirty, just turn up any Sunday morning (about 8.00am).

Contact the YSCG Secretary for further details: yscgsecretary@gmail.com


  • Membership Enquiry form

    Yoorala Street Community Garden Inc (YSCG Inc) was established in 2010. The garden is a space for people to come together and participate in the principles of organic gardening, in the spirit of community and sustainability. The garden became fully Incorporated in 2016.

    Our Aims

    • To provide opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, skills, experience, cultural background and income level to grow organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.
    • To be an open, welcoming, inclusive, sustainable, educational, creative, community resource.
    • To foster trusting, sharing, respectful and co-operative relationships between members and with the wider community.
    • To promote and demonstrate environmentally sustainable practices such as organic gardening, recycling, reusing, seed saving, water conservation and energy efficiency.

    The garden has some ‘access friendly’ areas and paths, and raised garden-beds are available to members with accessibility needs.

    Contact The Secretary for more information, and check us out on Facebook. 

    We look forward to welcoming to the garden, and into our community.

    Yoorala St Community Garden is a place we dig!