Our History

Some of the History of the Yoorala St Community Garden Inc (YSCG Inc.) – from its early beginnings in 2008 till today.


  • 2008 – Seven local residents meet at the pony club to discuss the idea of a community garden at this site.   One of these 7 and another resident visit Geraldine Knapp to seek her support but she says it won’t be possible while the site is still being used by horse riders.
  • Transition The Gap who are keen to support a community garden contact two of the above group.  The Idea of a community garden is discussed at Transition The Gap Discussion nights and at follow up meetings.


  • 11/7/2009  -Ten local residents travelled to 7 parks in The Gap to explore the preferred site for a community garden.   The preference was for the old pony club with Alfred and Lucinda Best Park being the second choice.
  • Three of the above group discuss the options for a community garden with Geraldine Knapp.  She says the pony club is not possible but is happy to support our second choice at Alfred and Lucinda Best Park.
  • Keren Sweeney from BCC Parks meets several of our group on site and agrees to its suitability
  • 19/8/2009 – The idea of community garden discussed again at a Transition the Gap film night and further people interested in starting a garden come forward.
  • Aug 2009 – Residents of Kernel St are approached to find out their support for a community garden in Alfred and Lucinda Best Park.  Two of six households are strongly opposed with the others showing no real strong interest.    All warn of possible vandalism problems.
  • Nov 2009 – Several members have a positive discussion with Hilder Rd State School Principal about the possibility of a community garden in their grounds.


  • 14/1/2010 – A letter is sent to The Gap garden club requesting that they act as our auspice to establish a community garden.   The Club has many uncertainties about what would be involved and seeks more information.
  • Feb/2010 – A group of about 10 local residents begins to meet fortnightly with the one goal of establishing a community garden in The Gap.  The steering group is formed.
  • 26/2/10  – Following The Gap storm, the Brisbane City Council uses the horse enclosure at the old pony club as a place to dump  and mulch trees and branches from the clean up of the creek.  It seems it may be a good time to revisit the possibility of the horse enclosure as a community garden.  A letter sent to Geraldine Knapp asking her to reconsider her objection.
  •  Two of our group talk to Geraldine at the annual  Boundary St Walk where she agrees to put her support behind the Pony Club site.
  • 17/3/10 – Our group meets on site with Geraldine Knapp to confirm her support for the pony club site as a community garden.  Keren Sweeney from BCC Parks also confirms it as a suitable site from her department’s point of view.  Geraldine suggests SOWN would be a more suitable auspice for the Garden.
  • Later SOWN agrees to act as our auspice for the community garden.
  • April  – The group applies to Brisbane City Council with the support of SOWN to get a permit to have a community garden at the Pony Club
  • 17/4/2010 – several members visit 17 mile Rocks Community Garden to learn from their experience
  • The group opens a bank account.
  • 17/5/2010 – BCC provides a permit to have a community garden.
  • 24/5/2010 – The steering group agrees on a general site plan for the garden
  • A request for funds from the Gambling Community Benefit fund is submitted
  • 6/6/2010 – Our first working bee is held .  We start getting the herb and flower garden ready.    Working bees continue every Sunday, and after a few weeks, between 15 and 20 people are coming regularly on Sundays to lend a hand.  Working bees on Wednesday mornings start with between 3 and 9 people regularly attending.
  • 9/6/2010- Several members visit Beelarong Community Garden to learn from their experience
  • 22/6/2010 – SOWN and the community garden formalize a working relationship with a” memorandum of understanding”
  • Work also begins on developing the governance rules for the garden
  • July 2010 – Geraldine Knapp funds the deep ripping of the site
  • We missed out on first round allocations for the gambling grant but are automatically put in to the second round
  • 18/7/10 POD groups are formed and get underway.  We have about 50 members at this point.
  • 25/7/10-  This was the day of the first round of plot allocations and 20 plots are allocated with many plot holders starting work on their plots straight away.
  • The steering committee organizes a workshop by Annette McFarlane and it is attended by 25 people
  • 12/12/2010-  BCC  via BCC support worker for community gardens supplies us 60 hardwood sleepers.   BCC Cultivating Community Gardens grant of $500 for mulch and fertilizer is successful.
  • Edging around the outside of the plots begins
  • 17/12/2010 – we are advised that our grant application to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund of $19,329 has been successful
  • 19/12/2010 – very wet Christmas party


  • 20/2/2011  – all plots now taken up
  • The tool shed arrives
  • Communal vegie area gets underway
  • Work begins on the main entry
  • Trial area of fruit trees is planted
  • The Group funds from its own monies the inner circle edging and work begins
  • June 2011 – First birthday celebrations
  • 4/7/2011 Water is finally connected to internal taps by BCC and water bubbler installed
  • 5/7/2011 – About 30 members of The Gap Garden Club visit our garden for talk, tour and morning tea
  • 20/7/2011 – Water tanks arrive and rolled in to position
  • 31/7/2011 – our first AGM


  • The garden became officially Incorporated – the garden is no longer under the auspices of SOWN
  • The BCC community composting program commenced at the garden