Working Bees are held every Sunday morning from 8.00am for members; and from 8.30am for visitors.

Attendance is voluntary but we encourage all members to attend as often as they can as it spreads the workload and we get a lot more done if many hands are available.

Working bees also help foster the community aspects of the garden – working together as a community is a key goal of the garden.

If you wish to visit the garden and find out what we do, please just turn up at a working bee at 8.30am on any Sunday morning. There will always be someone to welcome you, and invite you to join in – and give you a gardening task to assist with. New members are always welcomed!

Working Bee Timetable

  • 1st Sunday Orchard Pod & Meeting
  • 2nd Sunday Veggie Pod
  • 3rd  Sunday Bush Tucker Pod
  • 4th Sunday Maintenance
  • 5th Sunday – Special Projects

Plot holders also benefit from shared work, for example, the pizza oven, maintenance of pathways, bulk purchase of mulch, provision of tools and much more so pitch in and be part of our thriving community.

Plot holders are expected to join a POD and attend 4 working bees in a year; or 12 hours of community garden work. This is a requirement of the annual renewal of your plot lease.


Yoorala St Community Garden uses a POD system to manage the garden and the communal areas.

PODS are small groups of about 5 or 6 people who take responsibility for the planning, development and maintenance of different parts of the garden.

PODS take it in turns to run the Sunday working bees. POD members meet beforehand to decide what needs to be done, who will look after what task etc. Jobs for the working bee are written up on the blackboard and all garden members are encouraged to help with those tasks. Decisions are reached by consensus.

To join a POD, just speak to the facilitator and/or ask the Garden Secretary to give you the POD facilitator’s email address.


  • Maintenance & Construction POD – Management and maintenance of Tools, Equipment and structures used by the Garden (1st Sunday each month)
  • Orchard and Fruit Fly POD – Management of the Orchard area of the Garden, including Fruit Fly management (2nd Sunday each month)
  • Vegetable POD – Management of the communal Vegetable area of the Garden (3rd Sunday each month)
  • Bush Tucker POD – Management of the Bush Tucker areas of the garden (4th Sunday each month)
  • Plot Holders POD – Management of member’s Plots and related elements.
  • Communications POD – Management of Public Relations, Communication and Marketing elements of the Garden.

To join a POD contact the POD facilitator or the Garden Secretary.